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The Little Things: New Google Docs

The new Google Docs design features custom square (rectangular) OS X Lion style scrollbars.

Google Tips & How To's

How To: Tumblr Style Google+ Redirect

Tumblr just added a feature to redirect to your google plus account.

Neat idea.
You can do it yourself in .htaccess. Just add:
Redirect 301 /+ {insert your profile url here}

Check it:

Thanks to Isaac Lewis

Design Google Websites

The Little Things: Google+ Notifications

Google+ lets you respond to notifications right inside the¬†notification¬†dropdown menu. The notification bar is present at the top of all Google pages…pure genius!

Canadian Tech News Google Podcasts

Canadian Tech Roundup – Episode 6 – Shaw, CES, Do Not Call List


Shaw introduces bandwidth overages and 25% reduction in bandwidth caps

CES and Canada

CRTC Fines Xentel and Bell for calling number on Do Not Call List

City of Vancouver Calls out CRTC on behalf of residents

New wireless startups capturing 1/3rd of new customers

Top 10 Facebook trends in Canada 2010
Google Winnipeg

Google Earth features 3D Winnipeg buildings

Yesterday I noticed that now features a built in Google Earth plugin, was pleasantly surprised to see a few Winnipeg buildings presented as 3D models.