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Google Reader is Dead. to the rescue! is a project I’ve been working on for the past few months. In a nutshell, it’s a better way to get all the latest local news in one place. Sites like Reddit and Google News are a good way to get the “best” or “most important” stories of the day. But they sometimes fail at surfacing up to date, breaking news. If you’re a news hound like me, I think you’ll find NewsWorthy quite useful.

With Google announcing their intentions to shut down Google Reader, today seemed like the perfect day to pull off the “alpha” wrapper and release it to the wild!

At the moment, NewsWorthy only supports Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal. I’m looking for the best ((“best” means, updated frequently and intensely focused on local news)) news source in every Canadian city. If you’d like to recommend sources in your city, feel free to email me.


Google Street View as Art is a crazy collection of what can best be described as interesting/artistic scenes captured by Google’s Streetview.

(Yes, Winnipeg’s infamous pickup truck party makes the cut.)

Google Tips & How To's

How To: Tumblr Style Google+ Redirect

Tumblr just added a feature to redirect to your google plus account.

Neat idea.
You can do it yourself in .htaccess. Just add:
Redirect 301 /+ {insert your profile url here}

Check it:

Thanks to Isaac Lewis

Canadian Tech News Podcasts

Canadian Tech Roundup – Episode 18 – Netflix-O-Rama

Show notes coming soon.


Canadian Tech News Podcasts

Canadian Tech Roundup – Episode 8 – Google, Shaw, Amazon, CRTC

[podcast][/podcast] Listen to this week’s episode. Show notes coming soon…

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