Want to do Lunch?

Working in a real physical office, with real physical humans has many terrible aspects. I mean, this premise is the entire concept of The Office. However, one of the things I do miss is going out for lunch. I miss the excuse to spend money on good food, I miss the escape from everything else and… Continue reading Want to do Lunch?

I’m Looking for Work

Sorta. It’s been a while since I’ve updated my employment status in a public forum. So for the record, I’m open to take on freelance projects. Being a freelancer is kind of like the Schrödinger’s cat of employment. You can’t tell if you’re really employed or not until you open the box… maybe that doesn’t quite… Continue reading I’m Looking for Work

Freelancing: Paying for Dental Care in Canada

I have once again found myself in a situation without medical insurance coverage. Fortunately for Canadians really only means that I am without dental ((and optical and some prescription drugs)) coverage. For whatever reason, our utopian government funded health system does not cover dentistry. So I once again started the futile process of searching for decent… Continue reading Freelancing: Paying for Dental Care in Canada