Winnipeg COVID-19 Controversies

...and other associated weirdness. Winnipeg is weird at the best of times. Coronavirus is bringing the weirdest of the weird. Here is a chronological list of all the controversies and other we're occurances that have unfolded in Winnipeg during the ongoing self-quarantine period: March 12: First case of COVID-19 in Manitoba. 15: Zillionaire owners of … Continue reading Winnipeg COVID-19 Controversies

Cause and Effect and IKEA

With the fervor surrounding the grand opening of IKEA's Winnipeg store (their first new market in Canada since 1982, btw), the media, Twitter, bloggers, internet-trolls, your mom are all giving IKEA way to much credit.  They are confusing cause and effect. IKEA this year and The Jets return last year are not revitalizing our fair city. They are … Continue reading Cause and Effect and IKEA