Hi, I’m Ryan Neudorf.

I am a web developer in Winnipeg, Canada. I have been building the web for over 15 years. Helping businesses, non-profits and individuals translate their products, services and ideas into successful web presences.

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Links for Today: Blunderyears

I thought about calling this one “nostalgia” but these links are just too embarrassing. 29 Raw Images Of The 1990s Rave Scene At Its Zenith Despite sometimes occasionally listening to a happy hardcore mixtape, I had almost entirely forgotten about the existence of “kandi kids.” r/blunderyears Redditors, posting embarrassing photos from their childhood. Chip & … Continued

Links for Today: Passwords

Today I am reviving an old blogging tradition of posting some interesting or useful links with little or no context. Today’s topic: Passwords. 4 fatal flaws in deterministic password managers Sync-less password managers are trending again, Tony Arcieri breaks down some reasons why they suck. NIST’s New Password Rules For developers: I pull this article … Continued


For various reasons (mainly economic and geographic) Winnipeg is a Freelance town. Freelance is a topic I write about a lot in this┬áblog these days, writing is one of the ways I deal with the stress of economic uncertainty brought about by freelance employment. The feast v. famine nature of freelancing is not for the … Continued

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