Hi, I’m Ryan Neudorf.

I am a freelance web developer from Winnipeg, Canada. I have been building the web for over 15 years. Helping businesses, non-profits and individuals translate their products, services and ideas into successful web presences. If you’re looking for a developer for your project get in touch with me ›

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Want to do Lunch?

Working in a real physical office, with real physical humans has many terrible aspects. I mean, this premise is the entire concept of The Office. However, one of the things I do miss is going out for lunch. I miss the excuse to spend money on good food, I miss the escape from everything else and … Continued

I’m Looking for Work

Sorta. It’s been a while since I’ve updated my employment status in a public forum. So for the record, I’m open to take on freelance projects. Being a freelancer is kind of like the Schrödinger’s cat of employment. You can’t tell if you’re really employed or not until you open the box… maybe that doesn’t quite … Continued

Pokémon No

Update: A thread in r/pokemongo addresses most of the game playability gripes i express below. Very useful if you’re new to the game. Check it out. Much hyped Pokémon Go finally launched in Canada over the weekend (while I was out camping). I downloaded it ASAP, after some expected server issues setting up my account, I … Continued

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