Google Winnipeg

Google Earth features 3D Winnipeg buildings

Yesterday I noticed that now features a built in Google Earth plugin, was pleasantly surprised to see a few Winnipeg buildings presented as 3D models.

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Notres Langues Nous Trompent

Gmaps. It’s taken google too bring satellite imagery to the geek masses. I recall mapquest using microsoft’s terraserver maps a few years ago. Evidently that didn’t pan out, at present I can’t seem to find a satellite map anywhere on mapquest. Gmaps is a blog compiling interesting sites as seen by “google’s” satellite.

Two minor site improvements.
First, I’ve fixed a bug in the comments form and increased the textbox size – now you can see what you’re typing as you’re typing it.
Second, I’ve added a couple of links. If you’d like your site linked please email me. As you’ll note by the third link, i’ve jumped on the www. deprecation bandwagon. I added some url rewrite to my .htaccess file causing all traffic headed for to be silently redirected to Essentially, the no-www movement feels that www. is no longer relevant and completely redundant. Check the website for further info. No it’s not chaining myself to old growth timbers, but it’s something.