Is the CRTC ready to reverse position on UBB?

Michael Geist sums of last week’s developments in the ongoing UBB saga, from the Toronto Star: The CRTC commissioners appear to have recognized that proposals based on limiting the volume of Internet use are not only bad policy — discouraging Internet use benefits no one — but are ineffective in dealing with network congestion. The… Continue reading Is the CRTC ready to reverse position on UBB?

Canadian Tech Roundup 14: The one where we talk about iPad2

iPad 2 is out! RIM may have missed window of opportunity Facebook Quietly Launches ‘Deal’ in Canada Facebook Photo Seizure A tonne of new content on Netflix Tony Clement defends his criticism of the CRTC UBB decision Courts back TV broadcasters Digital Transition is August 31, 2011! iTunes Link RSS [podcast][/podcast]

Canadian Tech Roundup 13: Thanks for the love iTunes

[podcast][/podcast] YouTube says it’s in talks to stream NHL, NBA games, NHL says it isn’t Why die-hard sports fans are pulling the plug on cable Netflix’s Submission to CRTC UBB hearing Maclean’s recites Rogers speaking points as an editoriial Government plays down scope of cyber attack Wind Mobile appeals court ruling iTunes Link RSS

UBB Hoopla

This just in, the government plans to overturn the CRTC’s UBB ruling!!!!11!! This is great news! But the fight is not over. Lost in all the reddit posts and media buzz is the fact that there is currently nothing stopping any ISP from charging their retail customers bandwidth overages. The fight is not over, but hopefully the… Continue reading UBB Hoopla

Canadian Tech Roundup – Episode 10 – Rogers, Rogers and more

CRTC Says Rogers Not Complying With Net Neutrality Disclosure Requirements Rogers increasing txt msging from 15 to 20 cents Rogers’ Scare Tactics and “Unsafe Public Wifi” Best technologies you can’t get in Canada Who’s going to stand up for consumer rights when it comes to cell phone companies: A cell phone company? Extra billing for… Continue reading Canadian Tech Roundup – Episode 10 – Rogers, Rogers and more