Canadian Tech Roundup Going Strong

The podcast that I do along with Trevor Percy is better than ever. If you’re not subscribed you should check it out. We talk tech with a uniquely Canadian voice. Episodes out more or less weekly. The Website is here. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes here. Also follow us on Twitter.

Is the CRTC ready to reverse position on UBB?

Michael Geist sums of last week’s developments in the ongoing UBB saga, from the Toronto Star: The CRTC commissioners appear to have recognized that proposals based on limiting the volume of Internet use are not only bad policy — discouraging Internet use benefits no one — but are ineffective in dealing with network congestion. The… Continue reading Is the CRTC ready to reverse position on UBB?

Shaw’s Movie Club

First rule of  movie club… backpedal. Earlier today the mainstream media jumped on Shaw’s new Netflix competitor “Movie Club“, a service that would allow you to stream movies without running up your bandwidth meter. I wrote a blogpost that echoed what quickly became the resounding verdict of the internet, Movie Club was anti-net neutrality and therefore,… Continue reading Shaw’s Movie Club

Shame on Shaw

The new service, dubbed Movie Club, will cost $12 per month and will allow Shaw customers to watch movies and television shows on their TV and their computers over an Internet connection. However, Shaw said that movies streamed using its own service will not count against a subscriber’s monthly Internet data caps, unlike movies streamed… Continue reading Shame on Shaw