Podcasts I Subscribe To

…In alphabetical order:

  • Audible Ajax – Infrequently updated. Interviews with key figures in the world of AJAX. 3.3/5
  • Buzz Out Loud – Daily. Easily the best tech news podcast. 5/5
  • CBC Radio 3 Podcast – Weekly. An hour of good Canadian music. 3.5/5
  • Best of As It Happens – Daily. CBC Radio long running (40+years?) current events show in podcast digest. Mon – Thurs it’s the best segment of the day. Friday it’s a weekly recap. Listening to this makes me feel old. 3/5
  • Diggnation – Weekly. Video. You really should already know about this show. It’s getting a little old, I’m only going to give it 3.8 out of 5.
  • ExtraLife Radio – Weekly. Comics and nerd culture. 3.9/5
  • Gadgettes – Weekly. CNET podcast where ladies (+ Jason Howell) talk about tech. 3/5
  • The Instance – Weekly. World of Warcraft podcast, still listen to it even though I haven’t played in months. 4/5
  • Mailbag – Weekly. Video. CNET’s Molly Wood reads funny emails. 3.7/5
  • net@night – Weekly. Leo Laporte and Amber Mac talk about the internet, I’ve found out about MANY great Web 2.0 startups through this podcast. 4/5
  • Quirks & Quarks – Weekly. CBC Radio’s long running science show, in podcast format. 3.5/5
  • RCRD LBL – Weekly. Roundup of the best music on 4/5
  • Search Engine – On Hiatus/Canceled. CBC Radio’s EXCELLENT show about the internet. Even if it doesn’t come back on the air, the back episodes are worth a list. 5/5
  • Spark – Weekly/On Hiatus. CBC Radio show about culture surrounding the internet. Frequent contributions from Cory Doctorow and Merlin Mann. 5/5
  • tech5 – Daily. John C Dvorak’s take on the day’s tech news. 4.5/5
  • This Week in Tech – Weekly. Leo Laporte and friends discuss the week’s tech news. The guests are often really lame and it tends to drag on. But when it’s good, it’s great! 3.3/5
  • The 404 – Daily. The best way to discribe tihs is A Tech Morning Show. Usually hillarious. 4.8/5
  • White Coat, Black Art – Weekly/Currently on repeats. CBC Radio’s show about the Health Care Industry/System in Canada. Always interesting, sometimes a little dry. 3.7/5
  • Xbox Live’s Major Nelson Radio – Weekly. Xbox live’s Director of Programming provides an inside look into what’s going on with the xbox 360, with a good dose of general gaming banter. 3/5

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