Watching US Netflix in Canada, now easier than ever!

Update: I am sorry to report that Tunlr is no longer supporting Netflix. See their blog for more info. If you know of another FREE DNS service please leave a comment.

My friend Ron tipped me off to this free DNS service that allows you to watch Netflix (and other US geo-restricted content) outside of the USA! For free! (Did I mention that it’s free?)

These guys are calling themselves Tunlr.

I love these services. Unlike VPN services, with these DNS redirects your streams don’t get slowed down by being  proxied through a US server.

We set it up on our AppleTV and it works like a charm!

Here are the instructions for setting up ATV:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Open General
  3. Open Network
  4. Open Configure TCP/IP
  5. Select Manually (we assume you already have a fully functional network setup)
  6. Skip IP address by selecting Done (hit the left button on the remote and press OK)
  7. Skip Subnet Mask by selecting Done
  8. Skip Router Address by selecting Done
  9. Use when asked for the DNS address and select Done
  10. Select Restart in the General menu

Instructions for other devices can be found on their site.

Edit: I should mention, that if you have a number of devices on your home network that you wish to use to access US services, you’re probably better off setting your router’s DNS to Tunlr.

  • Dev

    Awesome tip. Works great but I would not suggest setting your router DNS settings permanently to this. They offer this as a free service and recommend you only change your settings when using a US based service and changing it back afterwards as to not load there servers with traffic.

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  • Gary

    Hi do I have to register to the Netflix site or does it just automatically log me in? And will this work on Hulu?

  • ohryan

    You still need an active Netflix account. The only thing this trick lets you do is watch US Netflix with a Canadian account.

  • Hey Ohryan, quick question – I’ve found an american dns setting sort of like the one you have listed (but a couple months back) I found that it went dark on me after two weeks. This may be off topic but is it routine for the DNS settings to change? 

    Much appreciate the setting listed in your article!

  • ohryan

    “is it routine for the DNS settings to change? ” 

    It seems to be, yeah.

  • collinpage

    They are removing netflix 🙁

  • ohryan

    SHIT! 🙁

  • Elijah Lucian

    what do we use to get us netflix now?

  • Mikeshan84

    Anyone know what options we have now? Are there anymore free dns servers for netflix?

  • Thox

    Hi, do you change setting in your computer or TV?. thanks

  • anonymous

    if you tell me which answers are needed, I’ll be more than glad to setup the service.

  • Colin

    I want to switch back to Candian? What’s a DNS code I should use? Or where do I find my own.

  • Sebastian

    I don’t have Apple TV. but if there is a button called automatic (or something like that) press on that and it will find your Canadian DNS server. 
    Hope this works for you      🙂

  • Josh Loewen

    I’ve created a few sites to help compare what’s available between Netflix Canada, USA, and UK/Ireland (since Netflix’s site is so bad).  Here they are:

    Isn’t it amazing that Netflix does such a poor job of promoting their own content!

  • RUNSKI00

    hey, i have a US iP address as well as a US DNS number from a home network.  Will this work?

  • Tauseef

    Yes this is really easy for all those users who are using vpn because this is best for watching Netflix outside the USA.. I am here in Canada and using Purevpn for the same purpose and trust me its working really cool on my system…