Watching US Netflix in Canada, now easier than ever!

Update: I am sorry to report that Tunlr is no longer supporting Netflix. See their blog for more info. If you know of another FREE DNS service please leave a comment. My friend Ron tipped me off to this free DNS service that allows you to watch Netflix (and other US geo-restricted content) outside of… Continue reading Watching US Netflix in Canada, now easier than ever!

Siri Can’t Map Canada

My desk neighbour showed up to work this morning with a brand new iPhone 4S. He let me play around with Siri a bit. Looks like Siri is not fully functional in Canada. Referencing location (eg. “Where am I?”) results in an error message stating that directions and maps are unavailable in Canada. Update: Now with… Continue reading Siri Can’t Map Canada

UBB Hoopla

This just in, the government plans to overturn the CRTC’s UBB ruling!!!!11!! This is great news! But the fight is not over. Lost in all the reddit posts and media buzz is the fact that there is currently nothing stopping any ISP from charging their retail customers bandwidth overages. The fight is not over, but hopefully the… Continue reading UBB Hoopla