Where’s The Caffeine?

The most popular post on my blog to date is 5 Reasons Tim Hortons Sucks. In the post, I mentioned how terrible Tim Hortons coffee tastes. I failed to consider the actual caffeine levels of Tim Hortons.

I did some digging around and calculating, Tim Hortons coffee has an average of 0.36mg/ml of caffeine.

On the other hand, Starbucks drip coffee has approximately 0.70mg/ml, almost twice as much!

No wonder an “X-Large” cup of “Timmies” never keeps me awake.

Ps. I did not want to make this a Tim Hortons vs Starbucks issue, but McDonalds (Tim Hortons’ only real competition in Canada) does not post their caffeine content online. Home brewed coffee varies depending on your personal preference.


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  1. Timmies gives me gut rot. Starbux does too, but not as bad, and if they have an organic variety that day it's even better. I still would rather have an americano from Starbux than coffee from either of them, but McDonalds actually does have really tasty coffee for a non-coffeeshop! Cheap too. I'm pretty sure my dark-roast-organic-French-Press homebrew isn't too high on the caffeine scale, but that just means I drink way more of it. 😀

    Etown is COVERED in Timmies though. There must be at least 6 on campus, and only one inconveniently located Starbucks.

    I like coffee.

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