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The top story in the programming subreddit for most of yesterday was a self-post abou the sorry state of’s HTML. Take a look for yourself, it’s easily the worst major corporation website I’ve seen in years. The post has garnered 2537 up votes (1134 downvotes) to date; based my previous experience, I suspect this sent an extra 10,000-20,000 visitors to I left a comment suggesting that Subway work on their site…

Today, still has terrible html. But they did fix a giant javascript switch and replaced it with this comment:
Now the that big switch is gone, here are some fun facts:
1. This site was created in 2002, using Visual Studio 2003.
2. Yes there was some editing done in frontpage. The editors worked better than VS 2003, and we had a license for it.
3. A lot from the funky mark-up is from some early generation .NET thirdparty controls we've been maintaining.
4. We look forward to updating the site as much as you (probably more in fact!)
Thanks for the QA, Redditors!

Or, to put it another way:

Reddit Accomplishments for Sept:
1. Convince Steve Colbert to hold a rally – Check.
2. Raise hundreds of thousands for educational charities – Check.
3. Help some dude who needs a new wheelchair with funding – Check.
4. Get to optimize their website – Check.

What wonders await for October?

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