Back in the RSSR

My reddit account just turned 8 this year, in that time the more I visited reddit, the less I checked RSS feeds. To the point where I completely stopped reading them after Google killed reader. Reddit was where I got all my news and that was fine. But over the years – I don’t know if… Continue reading Back in the RSSR

Today I Learned

Things I learned today: The coldest naturally occurring temperature ever recorded on Earth was -89.2C, 21 July 1983 in Antartica. You can merge sub-reddits by using + symbols between them. Click for here example. It’s easy to find out what’s new on Netflix Canada. Chuck Norris had a chartoon in the 80s (but who didn’t)

Reddit is so Awesome!

The top story in the programming subreddit for most of yesterday was a self-post abou the sorry state of’s HTML. Take a look for yourself, it’s easily the worst major corporation website I’ve seen in years. The post has garnered 2537 up votes (1134 downvotes) to date; based my previous experience, I suspect this… Continue reading Reddit is so Awesome!

Viewing All Images On Reddit

In case you didn’t know (I didn’t for the longest time), it is possible to view all images posted on reddit using this URL: