Canadian Tech Roundup 14: The one where we talk about iPad2

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8 thoughts on “Canadian Tech Roundup 14: The one where we talk about iPad2

  1. Love the podcast. I subscribe and listen in the car during my morning commute. Thanks!

    One note, though: one mic is mixed much louder than the other (it is also much more midrangey, making it seem even louder). I often cannot make out what you are saying without cranking the volume. Then when Trevor speaks, it’s very loud. Crank yourself up so I can hear ya! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the feedback. The mix was sounding OK on my headphones. Not sure how much we can do without a proper mixer, but I’ll give it a shot.

  3. I may be mistaken about the correct episode, but I think it was this one where you discussed the Motorola Xoom, you mentioned that the Xoom would have to be returned to Motorola to be updated once the Flash Player was available for Honeycomb. I believe this is inaccurate, Flash will be updated “over the air”, however the Xoom will need to be shipped back to Motorola to enable the 4G capability. This is mentioned in the following article…


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