DIY Internet: More on personal VPNs

A few followup thoughts regarding Monday's post about setting up a personal VPN. Self-Sufficient, DIY Internet All the Facebook Cambridge Analytica nonsense has really emphasized how dependent we have become on third party services and social networks. As I thought about it, the idea of being self-sufficient online has really started to appeal to me. … Continue reading DIY Internet: More on personal VPNs

My Thoughts on Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

It has been almost a month since the massive Cambridge Analytica x Facebook improper-user-data-ex-filtration mess (don't call it a data breach) came to light. The news is settling down despite the real numbers coming out of Facebook and a possible 600,000 Canadians possibly affected. I've been mulling over how I feel about it and I've … Continue reading My Thoughts on Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

Facebook’s History of Spying

Reading Wikipedia this morning, I came across an interesting tidbit from the days when facebook was still As seen in The Social Network, after launching the site Mark Zuckerberg was under investigation for potentially stealing the idea from the Winklevoss brothers. Not covered in the movie though, while this investigation was going on Zuckerberg … Continue reading Facebook’s History of Spying