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Gawker Hacks [update: no Digsby]

If you missed it, Gawker Media’s username/password database was hacked and paswords decrypted! This is very very bad. Lifehacker, has a comprehensive post about the compromise.

They only left out one little piece of info, your password may have been exposed even if you’ve never logged in to a Gawker site. Multi-IM client Digsby is owned by Gawker and Digsby username/passwords are also in that database! Seriously, this is bad. No more blogging after midnight…This was totally incorrect, my¬†apologies. I didn’t read the email very well (or possibly at all). Thanks for the comments from the Digsby team. I incorrectly made the connection based on the password Gawker had on file; it was an old password I was sure I had only ever used for IM clients.

Again, if this is the first you’ve heard this, here are the important links:

6 replies on “Gawker Hacks [update: no Digsby]”

Hey Ryan, it looks like we there was a misunderstanding regarding our email. As a precautionary measure, we sent all Digsby users whose email address or username was found on the list so they can take proper steps to secure their accounts.

We aren’t owned by Gakwer media nor have any type of relationship with them. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for the comment. I apologize for the misinformation and my inability to read (Mike’s original comment was emailed to me, jerk :P)
This is what happens when write a blog post after in my sleep.

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