Random Factoids I Learned Last Year

In September of last year, I started recording random information I had never known about. My criteria for recording this fact was basically “will I want to be reminded about this in the future.”

I didn’t set out with a plan for these facts beyond recording them in a notes document.

But heck, if I find them interesting, maybe you will too.

  1. The Rule of 72.

    This is a shorthand method for figuring out roughly how long it will take an investment to double in value. It’s quite simple, you simply divide 72 by the percentage return expected from your investment. So a GIC with a 5% rate of return will double in 14.4 years.

    It turns out math is super cool.

  2. Karpman drama triangle.

    It’s like the fire triangle, except for drama.

  3. ╩╗Oumuamua

    It is perhaps the first interstellar object observed by humans. There even seems to be some evidence that it exhibited non-gravitational acceleration.

  4. Turnspit Dog.

    An extinct dog breed that was employed specifically to turn meat spits and other cooking things.

  5. Winnipeg’s 1960s freeway plan.

    This would have destroyed some much of what makes Winnipeg great, I’m glad it didn’t happen.

  6. The first amendment to the Canadian constitution created Manitoba!
  7. Time value of money.

    One dollar today is worth more than one dollar tomorrow.

  8. Swedish drill music exists.
  9. The ancient Celtic carnyx.


  10. The UK did not have decimal currency until 1971!

    Get a load of the cash register in that article, it seems completely unusable.

  11. AWS Snowmobile.

    If you have petabytes of data to store Amazon Web Services will literally drive a literal shipping container to you in order to transfer the data. If my math correct, maxing this out will cost you a cool $209M/month, that math can’t be right, can it?