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Gawker Hacks [update: no Digsby]

If you missed it, Gawker Media’s username/password database was hacked and paswords decrypted! This is very very bad. Lifehacker, has a comprehensive post about the compromise.

They only left out one little piece of info, your password may have been exposed even if you’ve never logged in to a Gawker site. Multi-IM client Digsby is owned by Gawker and Digsby username/passwords are also in that database! Seriously, this is bad. No more blogging after midnight…This was totally incorrect, my¬†apologies. I didn’t read the email very well (or possibly at all). Thanks for the comments from the Digsby team. I incorrectly made the connection based on the password Gawker had on file; it was an old password I was sure I had only ever used for IM clients.

Again, if this is the first you’ve heard this, here are the important links:

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How To: Watch Hulu in Canada. A New Method.

In August I posted a method I found for watching Hulu in Canada (or anywhere outside of the US for that matter). Unfortunately, that method was a little complicated and Hulu fixed it a few days after Lifehacker posted about it. Last Night I found a new hole and this one’s a fair bit simpler. Here’s a handy instructional video.

The Firefox modify headers extension can be downloaded here:

Check out the reddit discussion for more details.