Rogers Please Get A Clue, Seriously!


Above is a screenshot of Roger’s latest mobile internet plan for blackberries.

“1.5MB of data – enough for tons of picture uploads and profile updates”

Um Rogers, I hate to break it to you, but most of my pictures are over 2MB.

If you mouse-over the “legal” fine print it explains the data overages, “$10/MB for the first 5MB, $5/MB for the next 5MB, $1/MB for the next 10MB and $0.50/MB for remaining overages.” This means uploading 3x2MB pictures is going to cost me approximately $45. Really Rogers?! Really?
For comparison, transferring 3x2MB pictures through a service like amazon’s S3 would cost about $0.00035. There is no way in hell that Rogers is paying over 100,000x more than amazon to maintain their infrastructure!

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