MySQL Full-Text Search Is Broken!

…and has been for 8 years. I came across MySQL bug #2095 today: full-text search for words containing hyphens won’t work Submitted: 11 Dec 2003 6:15 Hyphen ‘-‘ characters break literals at the moment. A search for something like “GATA-D22S690” finds all entries containing GATA and not the full hyphenated text. ~ Link MySQL disputes… Continue reading MySQL Full-Text Search Is Broken!


As an adendum to my last post, I would like to extend a giant FU To the CRTC. Re: Skype and Google Voice Both services are prevented from offering Canadians incoming calls by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. CRTC rules require all phone providers to include enhanced 911, which enables emergency operators to automatically… Continue reading EFF THE CRTC!