This Week I Learned

Turns out being a dad and employed full time leaves little room for things like long blog posts. I came across a number of particularly fascinating things this week in my travels on the information super highway. Monday: Protocol relative URLs Turns out, you can leave out the protocol (http, https, ftp, etc) when including… Continue reading This Week I Learned

Firesheep: A Valid Reason to Fear WiFi or How To Hack Your Wife’s Facebook

Just in time for Halloween, a developer by the name of Eric Butler has released Firesheep – a truly terrifying security tool. It’s so simple to use it makes script kiddies look like rocket surgeons. All you have to do is install the Firefox extension, that’s it. With the extension installed at the click of a single… Continue reading Firesheep: A Valid Reason to Fear WiFi or How To Hack Your Wife’s Facebook

Quit Facebook Day

Today is Quit Facebook Day. While I agree with the privacy concerns to some degree and it seems like Mark Zuckerberg might not be a trustworthy person; unfortunately, I don’t feel like there is a good alternative to Facebook, for that reason I think it would be difficult for me to live online without Facebook.… Continue reading Quit Facebook Day

Dear Facebook Quitters…

There’s been a lot talk in the mainstream press about growing dissatisfaction regarding Facebook’s complete disregard for privacy. Prominent nerds are quitting or threatening to quit Facebook. On today’s Buzz Out Loud they suggested that if Facebook doesn’t change their course soon, this is going to be worst than the Myspace exodus. My only question… Continue reading Dear Facebook Quitters…