How To Ignore All Facebook Requests

Now that I have over 100 friends on Facebook, I’ve started to get inundated with ridiculous application requests. I was about ready to send some angry Facebook emails to so called friends. Then I found this greasemonkey script to Ignore ALL Application Requests.

As you can see from this spiffy screenshot the script creates a little button on the right-hand sidebar of Facebook’s notification page.

Add Facebook Events to Google Calendar, 2 Simple Steps

I just discovered the most amazing, useful mashup. You can automatically add your Facebook events to your Google calendar! This way whenever you accept an event invite it shows up on your google calendar, with all the details! It just takes 2 simple steps.

  1. Pull up your facebook events page, click the “Export Events” link at the top. That brings up a little dialogue box with a URL. Copy that URL.fbevent.png
  2. Open your Google calendar settings page. Click the “Calendars” tab, under “other calendars” click “add calendar, click the “Add By URL” tab. You’ll be presented with a form that’s able to accept the URL you just copied from Facebook!

You’ll now see your Facebook events in Google calendar. Thusly, minimizing the amount of websites you have to open to figure out when you have time to visit your mother.