MySQL Full-Text Search Is Broken!

…and has been for 8 years. I came across MySQL bug #2095 today: full-text search for words containing hyphens won’t work Submitted: 11 Dec 2003 6:15 Hyphen ‘-‘ characters break literals at the moment. A search for something like “GATA-D22S690” finds all entries containing GATA and not the full hyphenated text. ~ Link MySQL disputes… Continue reading MySQL Full-Text Search Is Broken!

Rethinking Passwords

Made my first post over at the company blog. Thought it would only be appropriate to give it some link love over here. My thoughts on the future of password: Rethinking Passwords.

WordPress Development, Cons & Pros

About a month and a half ago The Big Webshow featured WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg, listening to the interview it became really clear that WP is trying to position itself as a website “operating system.” While there are probably other platforms much more capable of the task, WordPress’ ubiquity is sort of pushing it in that direction… Continue reading WordPress Development, Cons & Pros