How to Set Responsive Text Alignment in Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap is great, almost perfect. One thing it’s missing is responsive text-align.

So I created a simple .less file that uses Bootstraps breakpoints and class naming format. It allows you use set specific text-align for specific breakpoints.

5 thoughts on “How to Set Responsive Text Alignment in Bootstrap 3

  1. Hi. I have a problem when compiling with your code, the screen size variables are part of Bootstrap and not accesible from my less code. How do you resolve it? just redefining the variables?

  2. Excellent! This should be included with Bootstrap. Only one thing I found that I didn’t like was that after I implemented in SASS, the alignment defaults to center, and it should default to left.

  3. I made a pull request to add this, but they rejected it.

    Is there is an error in the SASS?

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