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UBB Hoopla

This just in, the government plans to overturn the CRTC’s UBB ruling!!!!11!!

This is great news! But the fight is not over.

Lost in all the reddit posts and media buzz is the fact that there is currently nothing stopping any ISP from charging their retail customers bandwidth overages.

The fight is not over, but hopefully the dialogue will continue and real competition can be fostered (west of Ontario even!).

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Sadly this isn’t related to your post, but I figured you’d never see the daily show FB post I’d put up: if you go through a few hoops at the comedy network’s website, you can find the daily show there and watch episodes and clips from the show (they have a great collection of glenn beck :D). Thought that’d be a little help from us Ontarians here 😀

My main complaint it just that when I see a video linked on Facebook or elsewhere, it’s impossible to find that same video on the Canadian site.

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