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Top 10 Posts of 2010

Well hello 2011!

Had the itch to write a blog post tonight and realized I hadn’t come up with any top 10 lists yet this year! So here’s a no brainer, top 10 blog posts that generated traffic for me this year.

  1. How To: Watch Hulu in Canada. The Definitive Guide. In July I came up with a method for watching Hulu in Canada (internationally actually), without the use of a proxy. I posted about it on Reddit, Lifehacker picked it up. Over 200,000 people read the LH post, 17,000 visitors made it to; Hulu freaked (I’m assuming) and closed the hole.
  2. How To: Watch Comedy Central Videos From Canada. Again, no proxies required. As far as I know this method still works just fine.
  3. Revisiting Mobile Redirection Using .htaccess ReWrite Rules. A bit of .htaccess magic that redirects mobile browsers to a given URL. The post is almost two years old and it still pulls in quite a bit of search traffic.
  4. .htaccess Mobile Browser Redirect. Same as #3, older method. I’m surprised the search engines have started redirecting all traffic to the newer post.
  5. 5 Reasons Tim Hortons Sucks. Self-explanatory.
  6. How To: Watch Hulu in Canada. A New Method. In November I came up with a new workaround to watch Hulu internationally. As far as I know this method stopped working about a week after I posted it.
  7. How To Delete All Contacts From Gmail. It’s not really as difficult to do this anymore, but the post is still relevant.
  8. iWatch. The iPhone Watch. I took a picture of myself wearing an iphone around my wrist as a watch, gets a bunch of traffic from Google image search for some reason. Lulz.
  9. The Best iPhone App – Taskbar Notifier. Another older post, my mini-review of the “taskbar notifier” app for jailbroken iPhones.
  10. Firesheep: A Valid Reason to Fear WiFi or How To Hack Your Wife’s Facebook. Firesheep is a tool for sniping sessions over wifi, it’s very bad.

Based on this list of posts, it looks like a good New Years resolution would be to write some content that actually garners traffic.

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