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How To: Watch Hulu in Canada. A New Method.

In August I posted a method I found for watching Hulu in Canada (or anywhere outside of the US for that matter). Unfortunately, that method was a little complicated and Hulu fixed it a few days after Lifehacker posted about it. Last Night I found a new hole and this one’s a fair bit simpler. Here’s a handy instructional video.

The Firefox modify headers extension can be downloaded here:

Check out the reddit discussion for more details.

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nah .. this doesn’t work. read the discussion. Looks like it turned into an add ip address such and such, tweak this. Tried all nonetheless, but it’s not working.

hi there, just stumbled onto your site. keep up the great work!
i tried this a moment ago (with LittleSnitch + ModifyHeaders, but I can’t get it to play anything after the short promo (e.g. NBC logo for The Office).

as far as you know, does this still work?

Hi Ryan, Thanks for this tip. I use Win7 and have no problems watching shows using your suggestion. Read the comments from air and just tried again to double check before posting; all is fine for watching that site.

how sad on putting up such a nice video on how to view Hulu and it has to be in a 360 format. This is not very useful, at least 640 or better yet 720

Can someone redo the video in 720p please.  

This would now be the time to use reverse phone lookup Canada as the number is more than likely a North American one. There are many sites which offer free lookups and will provide you with the name associated with the phone number. Sometimes the address is available as well. These phones numbers will be the numbers which are listed in Canada’s White Pages phone book and are accessible by anyone.

Hi Ryan,

I couldn’t find your contact information but I launched a new service that will allow people to watch Hulu outside of USA. It has all the benefits of VPN and minus the drawbacks of VPN as well. It’s called UnoTelly ( I will be greatly appreciated if you can try it out!

Hey, I just hopped over to your site via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would normally read, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thanks for making something worth reading.

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