Two iPhone “Features” Continue to Annoy me

  1. All alerts – incoming text messages, app push notifications, low-battery – are modal dialogs. If I receive an alert while I’m on a call, I have to dismiss it before I can access the phone controls, including ending the call. I’m sure this has led to a couple situations where the caller has heard snippets of my private conversation before I was able to end the call.
  2. Apple doesn’t seem to care about SMS. a) The iChat-style message grouping stinks. Sometimes I’d like to know exactly when I sent a text message, to see if I’m running late or whatever. This is impossible when the messages app doesn’t give me a timestamp. b) API access is limited. I just downloaded the amazing Dragon Diction voice recognition app [US App Store only]. It allows you to send text directly to the mail app, but to send an SMS you have to copy & paste. L A M E.