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How To: Cold Brew Coffee

Now that summer has finally reached The True North (strong and free), I decided to finally attempt cold brewing some iced coffee. Turns out it’s one of the easiest operations I’ve ever attempted in the kitchen. Basic recipies is as follow:

– 1cup coarse ground coffee
– 4.5cups water
– combine, leave in fridge for around
– filter
– drink

I brewed it in my french press carafe overnight – with a saran wrap lid to keep out any potentially nasty fridge smells. In the morning I used the french press as usual. Unfortunately, this left the coffee more gritty than when using a french press with hot coffee, the cold water must keep the smallest grinds in suspension more readily. Next time I’ll either forgo the french press altogether and directly filter the coffee through a regular filter, or possible dual filter it (the later seems less messy).

[ Original Recipe From Internet Food Association via Lifehacker]

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