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Google Chrome Bypasses OpenDNS (and How To Fix It)

I started using OpenDNS again for the first time since Google released Chrome.

When I ran Chrome, I noticed a curious little quirk, Chrome was ignoring OpenDNS’ shortcuts and auto typo correction. I whipped out wireshark and took at what was going on.

By default, every time you enter a character into Chrome’s toolbar it fetches results from Since google knows about every single website, Chrome is able to decide if you’re typing a valid domain without querying DNS. That is, it’s actually redirecting you to a google search results page at the HTTP layer, before your request queries any DNS info.
While it’s not neccessarily a bad way of doing things, it is somewhat annoying. 

Luckily, google actually built a great product!
This feature is totally customizable. 

To turn it off; pull up “options” under the wrench menu, click the “under the hood tab and uncheck “show suggestions for navigation errors.”

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Hah. I just stumbled onto the same problem when looking at “lsof -i” to track another app's connections. That's when I saw that Chrome had a ton of open https connections to “” my next stop was tcpdump, but your wireshark results negate the need for that.

Interesting issue…


Thank you for this.  I was browsing the other day in FB and I clicked on something that brought me to a sight that should have been blocked by OpenDNS but was not.  I got rid of the chrome but then looked around on the internet and found your suggestion.  It appears to be working now that I went “under the hood”. 

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