Oh Rogers, So Coy

I wonder what your July 11th announcement could be. Dorks.

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There aren’t that many new items either, only about twelve at my
count, and they are from a disappointingly slim number of games.

There are no items from Splatoon, for example. Many of the new items are just general riffs on the same old thrown and melee items that Smash has always had to offer.
Once again, it feels kind of same-y to anyone looking
for a lot of new shiny things. That being said, there are a ton of new Pokemon and Assist Trophies to play with, and my guess is that this is where the majority of the item development went into.
With characters like Guile, Alucard, Shovel Knight,
and even the original blocky Akira from Virtua Fighter just about everyone has come to
get a few hits in. It’s just a shame that some of these characters didn’t get to be full roster members, but we have all already heard those complaints before.
Sorry true believers, Waluigi is stuck in his little glass trophy cage.

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