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Summer Styles ’06

As a programmer I’m not expected to have a good looking site, in fact i’m probably expected to have an ugly website. It took me a year to recognize this, but now that I have I can focus on adding kewl functions to my site, rather than stressing about how ugly it is. That said, I thought it was time for a new style. Here it is. Thanks to my lovely wife for the font suggestion and logo creation.

CSS is awesome. The only tools I used for this redesign where: the web developer extension for firefox and notian’s online CSS Tidy Tool (because the web dev extension doesn’t let me format my css very well); and photoshop for the logo creation.

You’ll note that the comment system is currently none-functional. It will remain disabled until I implement a Human Verification System.

That’s all for now folks, I’ll try to update more frequently.