better bandwidth protection: revisited

I meant to post this a couple of days after my initial bandwidth protection post, but alas, updating this site is usually the last thing on my mind. Firstly, I glazed over something I probably should have explained in more detail. That is, the php file masquerades as the media file. The media files should… Continue reading better bandwidth protection: revisited

inDiggnation 1.0

The first ever response cast, Indiggnation! The first installment documents issues with and foreseen problems with the OpenID protocol. Ian can be found at www.notian.netRyan can be found at Intro music is Melt-Banana – Showroom Dummies Phrase BlogCast Here is the story I mentioned a digg that links to Engadget, which links to… Continue reading inDiggnation 1.0


I am presently writing this post from Mozilla Thunderbird. The latest behind the scenes addition to my awesome website. Inspired by my recent adventures in moblogging, I wrote a script to check a specific (supersecret) email box for new mail. The mail is then parsed for relevant data (thanks to Ian for pointing pointing out… Continue reading Eureka!