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User Feedback & Twitter

When we launched the new at the beginning of the month, I was quite surprised at the inital feedback I was seeing on twitter versus the email I was receiving from the contact form.  Twitter was generating 90-95% positive feedback, whereas emails were 100% negative! The few negative tweets were all fairly constructive and led to some good dialog. On the other hand, every single email was a variation of “new site sucks, change it back.”

I’m not entirely sure why the feedback was so contradictory, or what to make of it. I think it says something about twitter, I’m just not sure what that is.

People Suck At Email Tips & How To's

People Suck At Email, Part III: CC vs BCC

It’s 2009, I can’t believe I just had to send this email.

When you add recipients to the “CC” list you expose all recipients email addresses to everyone else on the list. By doing this you have inadvertently sent your entire client list to all of your clients.

In the future please use BCC.
For more information, see wikipedia:

People Suck At Email

People Suck At Email, Part II

When I send you an email in which I discuss a 3rd party (let’s call him Bob).
And, if I’ve also cc’d this email to a seperate 3rd party (Jim and Francis).
Do not forward the email to Bob. I have probably not included him for a specific reason. I’ve either discussed the subject of the email with him, or I feel that the email portrays him in a negative light, or something else.

Please assume that I construct every email with care.
That’s all.

My I direct your attention to Part I: Yes I Got Your Email!

Google Tips & How To's

How To Delete All Contacts From Gmail

Update October 2010: These instructions are no longer valid. Take a look at voyageurs60’s comment.

If you’ve ever tried to delete more than 20 contacts in gmail, you might have noticed an error message informing you that you’re only allowed to delete 20 contacts at a time.

I don’t really think of Google as a company that puts abitrary limits on features. Who knows why they decided upon this limit.

Suppose you’ve accidentally quadrupled your contacts list in some sort of import mishap and you just want to start over. There’s a fairly simple – if somewhat non-intuitive – workaround for this. Click the “older version” link it the top navigation bar ( This will allow you access to the old contacts list interface.
From there:
1) click “all contacts” tab
2) scroll down to the bottom, select “all” (no idea why this option is not at the top of the interface)
3) Delete!

People Suck At Email

Yes I Got Your Email!

Don’t ask me if I received your email, of course I did! Email is very reliable these days, if you’re emailed me before you’re not going to show up in my spam folder.

Of course I got your email!
Whether I’ve read it is another question.