User Feedback & Twitter

When we launched the new at the beginning of the month, I was quite surprised at the inital feedback I was seeing on twitter versus the email I was receiving from the contact form.  Twitter was generating 90-95% positive feedback, whereas emails were 100% negative! The few negative tweets were all fairly constructive and… Continue reading User Feedback & Twitter

People Suck At Email, Part III: CC vs BCC

It’s 2009, I can’t believe I just had to send this email. When you add recipients to the “CC” list you expose all recipients email addresses to everyone else on the list. By doing this you have inadvertently sent your entire client list to all of your clients. In the future please use BCC. For… Continue reading People Suck At Email, Part III: CC vs BCC

Yes I Got Your Email!

Don’t ask me if I received your email, of course I did! Email is very reliable these days, if you’re emailed me before you’re not going to show up in my spam folder. Of course I got your email! Whether I’ve read it is another question.