Canada Finally On Google Street View

Sort of.

Looks like Google has added just about every major Interstate and small town to Street View. This means you can now see the Canadian border in many different locations.

Here’s the link

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Google Chrome Bypasses OpenDNS (and How To Fix It)

I started using OpenDNS again for the first time since Google released Chrome.

When I ran Chrome, I noticed a curious little quirk, Chrome was ignoring OpenDNS’ shortcuts and auto typo correction. I whipped out wireshark and took at what was going on.

By default, every time you enter a character into Chrome’s toolbar it fetches results from Since google knows about every single website, Chrome is able to decide if you’re typing a valid domain without querying DNS. That is, it’s actually redirecting you to a google search results page at the HTTP layer, before your request queries any DNS info.
While it’s not neccessarily a bad way of doing things, it is somewhat annoying. 

Luckily, google actually built a great product!
This feature is totally customizable. 

To turn it off; pull up “options” under the wrench menu, click the “under the hood tab and uncheck “show suggestions for navigation errors.”


Google: Now With Forum Detection

Today I noticed that google is now recognizing forum threads and returning related data in the search results.

Note the “5 Posts – 4 Authors – Last Post: 18 Apr”

Pretty cool.

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It’s working

My 5 Reasons Tim Hortons Sucks article is showing up as #2 on Google (on average), for the keywords “tim hortons sucks.”

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Google: Now With More Canadia

Google labs just launched a political quote comparison engine called “in quotes.”
Apparently Steven Harper is running for Prime Minister of Canadia.

Update: Looks like the fixed it.