The eLitePhone 5S

I’ve come to the conclusion that the iPhone 5S is too fancy for me.

With the gold-trimmed sapphire home button and the extremely high price tag – topping out at $1040* in Canada; it feels like a $1000 watch to me. I don’t just live a lifestyle (or have the taste for fancy things) that would accommodate a $1000 watch.

Granted the iPhone has always been high-end, but for a long time it has also been the only reasonable option IMHO. The 5C feels more my speed. I can only imagine this divergence in products is a conscious effort by Apple to continue to position themselves as an ultra-high-end retailer.

* including GST + MB PST

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There’s definitely something to the elite feeling of the 5S. The 5C introduction creates that, because it’s the first time they’ve offered two *new* iPhones.

Your chosen price point for the watch makes an amusing analogy, since the 5C tops out at more than $800. So you don’t feel like a $1,000 watch is for you, but an $800 watch is good to go. 😉

Nice new banner design, btw.

Maybe the watch price point was too low, or the watch comparison was not quite right. For me, a standard watch is a redundant unitasker. Paying anything more than $50 for a watch for myself would be hard to justify.

The 5C/5S price overlap is interesting, probably indicates that the 5C is overpriced. To be clear, I’m not arguing that the 5S is overprice. I referenced the price to illustrate that the entire package is a luxury good. In the same class as a BMW or a 70″ TV.

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