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Canadian Tech Roundup – Episode 0

I finally got around to recording a podcast version of my Canadian Tech News series.

Co-hosted by my old friend Notian episode 0 is meant to be a dress-rehearsal/proof of concept. I’ve already identified a few issues and I’m sure Ian will have suggestions of his own. But please feel free to leave feedback. Technical or otherwise.


The intro music is KDR Assault by Binärpilot.

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Good first podcast, guys. To the CBC story, a friend of mine works on a couple of CBC shows, and a few years ago I asked him about changing the intro music to Q. (My beef being that the opening music is the opening to Radiohead’s Planet Telex, and while I do like the song, shouldn’t a CBC show be supporting Canadian artists? Particularly because what’s used on Q is not a particularly thrilling loop of the Radiohead song, and a Canadian band could certainly write something equally appropriate… but I digress). Anyhow, this friend of mine told me that they couldn’t change the music even if they wanted to because they’re so locked in to this contract with APM Music. Take a look at this post on Ars for more details:
Looking forward to the next podcast.

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