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US Customs and Border Patrol and SEO

I was going to post the text of some email feedback I sent to the USA CBP last night regarding my recent border crossing experience. I stopped when I was reminded that the CBP will Google you if you are ever detained and such a post may be used against me.

For one, they do have internet at CBP offices. So if you’re flagged, and you have to go for secondary interviewing, realize that you may be Googled. And as such, blog posts talking about said code camp or eating a Chipotle Burrito may appear as well (“So how was the burrito?” was a question I was asked).

Done With US Travel for Awhile – Boarderfail, April 22, 2009

This got me thinking.
Would it be possible to design an SEO campaign surrounding your online presences in such a way that Customs agents would be most likely to find posts about how much of a nice and honest guy you are?

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