Top 3 Podcasts of 2009

I love podcasts. In 2009 I probably listened to more hours of podcasts than music. Here are my top 3 podcasts of the year. As with my Top 3 Board Games of 2009 these are not necessarily podcasts that launched in 2009, instead they are podcasts I really got into for the first time in… Continue reading Top 3 Podcasts of 2009

Podcasts I Subscribe To

…In alphabetical order: Audible Ajax – Infrequently updated. Interviews with key figures in the world of AJAX. 3.3/5 Buzz Out Loud – Daily. Easily the best tech news podcast. 5/5 CBC Radio 3 Podcast – Weekly. An hour of good Canadian music. 3.5/5 Best of As It Happens – Daily. CBC Radio long running (40+years?)… Continue reading Podcasts I Subscribe To