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User Feedback & Twitter

When we launched the new at the beginning of the month, I was quite surprised at the inital feedback I was seeing on twitter versus the email I was receiving from the contact form.  Twitter was generating 90-95% positive feedback, whereas emails were 100% negative! The few negative tweets were all fairly constructive and led to some good dialog. On the other hand, every single email was a variation of “new site sucks, change it back.”

I’m not entirely sure why the feedback was so contradictory, or what to make of it. I think it says something about twitter, I’m just not sure what that is.


This Might Explain Why Twitter Is Down So Often


Joyent published an article a month or so ago about how they scaled a facebook application to support millions of hits. The application, BumperSticker, simply serves out customized images to users – online bumper stickers. It’s not hard, not complex and processes around 20 to 27 million page views a day. That’s a good number by anyone’s standards.

But, this dinky little Ruby on Rails app required the following architecture to do it

  • 13 Application servers.
  • 8 Static content asset servers
  • 4 MySql databases

Thats a staggering 25 servers just to serve a bunch of images at a rate of no more than 320 hits per second.