DIY Internet: More on personal VPNs

A few followup thoughts regarding Monday’s post about setting up a personal VPN. Self-Sufficient, DIY Internet All the Facebook Cambridge Analytica nonsense has really emphasized how dependent we have become on third party services and social networks. As I thought about it, the idea of being self-sufficient online has really started to appeal to me.… Continue reading DIY Internet: More on personal VPNs

Ev Williams and the future of online publishing

Great piece on Ev Williams and the open web.

Yet his run near the top has been remarkably consistent. While other CEOs in his early-web cohort have left the industry, or have become writers or consultants, Williams has stuck around, leading companies. His startups have nearly all specialized in the same abstract medium: text boxes.

Ev Williams is The Forrest Gump of The Internet

Blog First, Tweet Later

WordCamp Winnipeg was absolutely amazing! I’ve literally been waiting my career to see this calibre of event in Winnipeg. David Pensato gave a really great talk about the future of social blogging. He made the keen observation that, with Facebook, Twitter and the like we are all blogging all the time. As an experiment, I… Continue reading Blog First, Tweet Later