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How To Round Unixtime To Midnight

This might be pretty obvious to anyone with basic math skills. It took me a few minutes to figure out, so I thought I’d share with the world. To round a unix timestamp to the previous midnight (UTC) use the following function:

function unixtime_round_to_midnight ($t) {
return $t – ($t%86400);

Thanks to Ian for pointing out my math ineptitude.


Top 5%

According to Kevin Rose (of digg and diggnation fame) I am in the top 5% of php developers. In the last episode of This Week in Tech, he mentioned that 95% of the resumes he receives for positions are from developers who haven’t even worked on a site that gets 1 million uniques, let alone anything near the 26 million digg gets.

I have!

*toot toot* (that’s the sound of my own horn)


TinyMy, Quick and Dirty MySQL Shell

Stumbled across a tiny mysql shell – appropriately named ‘tinymy’ – a few months ago.

It’s quite a useful little bit of PHP code. Very lightweight and function interface and shell for MySQL. I use it whenever I need to verify the contents of a database table or test a couple of queries but don’t need a full install phpMyAdmin.

Thought I’d share.