Review Websites

Manitoba Floods Online

This year’s flood season is too be the biggest since 1997. Back then the Internet wasn’t really the internet as we know it. This year I’ve come across a few flood resources online. is a resource for crowd-sourced flood data. Background info is on

MTS has a few webcams setup around the province, The Winnipeg Free Press plotted them on a google map.

Look at all the water!


Vintage Manitoba Film Footage

I came across a 2 part “Mantioba Travelogue” video from the 1940s on youtube. An era when Manitoba seemed to have been much more prosperous.

Part 1: mainly features Winnipeg. Interesting facts at the time Winnipeg was Canada’s 4th largest city – a position currently occupied by Ottawa-Gatineau (Winnipeg #8 now) – and meatpacking was the #1 industry in town.

Part 2: Featuring Brandon, Riding Mountain and north.

It seems to cut off before the end, but I was unable to find a part 3.