Two iPhone “Features” Continue to Annoy me

  1. All alerts – incoming text messages, app push notifications, low-battery – are modal dialogs. If I receive an alert while I’m on a call, I have to dismiss it before I can access the phone controls, including ending the call. I’m sure this has led to a couple situations where the caller has heard snippets of my private conversation before I was able to end the call.
  2. Apple doesn’t seem to care about SMS. a) The iChat-style message grouping stinks. Sometimes I’d like to know exactly when I sent a text message, to see if I’m running late or whatever. This is impossible when the messages app doesn’t give me a timestamp. b) API access is limited. I just downloaded the amazing Dragon Diction voice recognition app [US App Store only]. It allows you to send text directly to the mail app, but to send an SMS you have to copy & paste. L A M E.

iPhone and Rogers, Round 2

One year after Rogers nearly botched their Canadian iPhone launch with ridiculous data plans and extra fees, it looks like Rogers might have learned their lesson.

According to Rogers PR, they will support MMS and tethering with the intention of making the service availble with the June 19th launch. That means these features will not work with current pre-release installs of 3.0. Rogers would neither confirm nor deny whether MMS/tethering would require a more expensive pricing plan.

Also, Rogers will be bringing back their limited time 6GB@$30/mo plan. So if you’re finding yourself using most of your 3G data, you’ll have a chance to upgrade.

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First Impressions of an iPhone Developer

I haven’t see a whole lot of information around the intertubes about what it’s actually like to deploy an iPhone App. Sure there are stories every other week about Apple’s ridiculously inconsistent censorship, and talk of developers not being paid. But there is not a lot of information about the actual process of getting App into the iTunes Store.

I’m going to go through a couple of different steps in the process and talk about some of the unexpected problems. I must say though, I was not very impressed. Nothing about the process is very “Apple-like.”

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iPlayPhone: My First iPhone App


I’ve just released my first iPhone app – iPlayPhone – it’s a toy phone for toddlers. I built it for my 1yr old son who’s always running off with my phone. It’s simplictic but super fun. All the buttons play goofy sounds. The onShake sound totally baffles my son, he’s like “woah, i shake it and is makes sounds…weird.”

Here’s the iTunes link:


iWatch. The iPhone Watch.

LG just release a watch phone

Allow me to present you with the iPhone watch.