iPhone 2.1 Firmware Actually Fixed Stuff

Go figure.  Battery life is better. I haven’t had to charge my phone over night. Keyboard and animations seem faster.  My car adapter actually charges my phone again.  I’m getting 1 more bar of 3G at home.

iPhone Tethering, Not As Hard As It Looks

In a flip-flop move reminisant of John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, Rogers Wireless has reversed it’s policy regarding smart phone tethering. I’m not even going to try to speculate what’s going on internally with this company. Buried in this CBC article about Rogers’ (baffling) new data plans is this nugget: Unlike other cellphone carriers, Rogers… Continue reading iPhone Tethering, Not As Hard As It Looks

Podcaster.fm: the best iphone podcatcher

Podcaster.fm is a iphone optimized website that aggregates a tonne of popular podcasts, so you don’t have to. Basically, it gives you a very iPhone friendly interface for finding and listening to podcasts. A common complaint of cranky geeks everywhere, is the iPhone’s inability to sync with iTunes over the air. With podcaster.fm – as… Continue reading Podcaster.fm: the best iphone podcatcher

iPhone After 3 Weeks

Data & Rogers I’ve been using significantly less data than I anticipated. After three weeks I’m just under 100MB total usage. I attribute this partially to: being in The States last weekend; staying within wifi range a lot; and mainly Rogers’ terrible 3G network. The network in Winnipeg is not very good (It’s currently been… Continue reading iPhone After 3 Weeks