Winnipeg’s Golden Era

This post is somewhat outside of the scope of the types of things I normally blog about here, we’ll see if I continue this sort of thing.

I came across a great series of photographs from The Winnipeg Transit archives via the Winnipeg blog Rise and Sprawl. Here are some of my favorite photos from what could be dubbed the Golden Era of Winnipeg, they exemplify the vibrant city of an era gone by that many of us are pining for.


Caleron Hotel , now vacant “A&B Sound Building.” I wonder what happened to the top 3 floors – Google Streeview

Main St, “Peace Day” June 19, 1919 – the end of WWI. Look at all those people! – Google Streetview


Fort St – Google Streeview

VE Day, 1945

Portage & Main. Look at that stubby little bus and giant streetcar – Google Streeview


Selkirk & Salter – Google Streetview

Portage &  Main, northeast corner. I appreciate that we are still using historically accurate street lights, too bad they closed this intersection to pedestrians – Google Streeview

Websites Sept 11, 2001

Among other things, it’s interesting to see how much the web has changed in the last 8 years.

If I’m not mistaken, cnn actually dropped to a “low bandwidth,” less cluttered version to handle all the traffic during the crisis. records before 9/11 show a slightly heavier site.

More CNN on