Apple iPhone 5S & 5C Canadian vs US Prices

In a followup to yesterday’s post about the eLitePhone 5S, here’s a chart comparing the US iPhone prices to the Canadian prices. Unlocked of course, carrier contract deals have not been announced yet.

Canadian US Difference
iPhone 5C 16GB $599 $549 (CA$567) $32
iPhone 5C 32GB $719 $649 (CA$670) $49
iPhone 5S 16GB $719 $649 (CA$670) $49
iPhone 5S 32GB $819 $749 (CA$773) $46
iPhone 5S 64GB $919 $849 (CA$876) $43

Edit: added conversion rates.


The eLitePhone 5S

I’ve come to the conclusion that the iPhone 5S is too fancy for me.

With the gold-trimmed sapphire home button and the extremely high price tag – topping out at $1040* in Canada; it feels like a $1000 watch to me. I don’t just live a lifestyle (or have the taste for fancy things) that would accommodate a $1000 watch.

Granted the iPhone has always been high-end, but for a long time it has also been the only reasonable option IMHO. The 5C feels more my speed. I can only imagine this divergence in products is a conscious effort by Apple to continue to position themselves as an ultra-high-end retailer.

* including GST + MB PST


Siri Can’t Map Canada

My desk neighbour showed up to work this morning with a brand new iPhone 4S. He let me play around with Siri a bit.

Looks like Siri is not fully functional in Canada.

Referencing location (eg. “Where am I?”) results in an error message stating that directions and maps are unavailable in Canada.

Update: Now with a screenshot.


Will Siri Work In Canada?

My friend @iamhabitat on twitter just pointed out that Siri is not listed as one of the features on Apple Canada’s iPhone 4S page.

Does this imply that the feature will not be available in Canada? How disappointing would that be?!

I had assumed that it would. I guess we’ll find out when iOS5 comes out tomorrow.

Update: Yes, Yes it does. But it doesn’t seem to know how to map in Canada (at least not yet).


My favourite thing about the iPhone 4S

…so far,

The HTML5 animations on the website.

Interesting to note that they’ve switched form jQuery to to handle the magic.

Correction: They may have been using for some time now (ie. always).