Grey Thursday??

Guess I missed the boat by a couple of days, flying too high in the blogosphere or something. In response to Grey Tuesday, I’m posting Danger Mouse’s American Edit. It’ll be up until a) my bandwidth exceeds 1GB/day, b) I get a C&D; from EMI, c) the server craps out. I don’t really expect any… Continue reading Grey Thursday??


[20:00] ohryan ca: bye[20:00] ShoppingBuddy: Thanks for stopping by. Have I helped you with your holiday shopping? [20:00] ohryan ca: no[20:00] ShoppingBuddy: OK. Sorry I’ve not been helpful. Would you like to see some gift ideas from Gap? [20:00] ohryan ca: no[20:00] ShoppingBuddy: OK. Well have a happy holiday in any case. [20:00] ohryan ca:… Continue reading Huh

Active Shitter Pages

As I probably mentioned, about 3 months ago I landed a kick ass job at a well established local web firm [names concealed to protect the innocent]. Before starting that job I had very minimal experience with ASP – in school, it left a bad taste in my mouth but i couldn’t remember any specifics.… Continue reading Active Shitter Pages