Vintage Manitoba Film Footage

I came across a 2 part “Mantioba Travelogue” video from the 1940s on youtube. An era when Manitoba seemed to have been much more prosperous. Part 1: mainly features Winnipeg. Interesting facts at the time Winnipeg was Canada’s 4th largest city – a position currently occupied by Ottawa-Gatineau (Winnipeg #8 now) – and meatpacking was the #1 industry… Continue reading Vintage Manitoba Film Footage

Pirate Party 0.6% in Winnipeg North

Official results from the Winnipeg Norh federal by-election are in and the Pirate Party candidate Jeff Coleman won 0.6% of the vote! That’s twice as many as the Christian Heritage Party and only 20 votes less than the Green Party. Yes we can! Pro Tip: clean up the red-eye in your political party’s website profile picture.

Winnipeg’s Golden Era

This post is somewhat outside of the scope of the types of things I normally blog about here, we’ll see if I continue this sort of thing. I came across a great series of photographs from The Winnipeg Transit archives via the Winnipeg blog Rise and Sprawl. Here are some of my favorite photos from what… Continue reading Winnipeg’s Golden Era